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victims and sentence that is similar to similar crimes by similar offenders. it will not be raced on race, ethnicity or gender or religion. one issue in terms of personality that we will get to later. look at cases and a scope of the portion in terms of harm to a victim, or very similar. your misconduct here far exceeds the scope and duration of the defendants i am going to mention. the kevindom nick case which was imposed two consecutive life sentences for him. and mr. japa who received a sentence of 36 years based
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upon his conduct. those did not involve kidnapping and torture and defamation and such over a number of years. the harm to the victims was great. but nothing like this. in this matter consideration that your conduct is more serious than 29.12 b and fixed on the information to the court, all of this was organized. the use of deception and use of chains and other means to hold captive three young women and
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ultimately a young child. there was a certain strategy involved and the connection between these individuals was the fact that they were all friends with one or more of your daughters or son and that was your entry and how this evolved. you indicated you had to do this because you suffer from sex addiction. but at the same time that this plan was going in the operation, you had a girlfriend who was not harmed or abused. you had an outwardly normal relationship. and you are able to choose who you wish to victimize. there is serious physical harm. miss knight suffered on many occasions according to the
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information. and the others were as well as showing signs of ma lnourishment and serious psychological harm and she touched upon the captivity issue. and also heard information about medical care and how they didn't want to come out of the house because at that point, two of the women were almost programmed to stay there. not because they wanted to, but because they were afraid of the repercussions would be. and you would so this as a test they failed and hurt them. i think even without the testimony of the expert from michigan, any person in america would understand that a person
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who is held captive between 9 and 11 years and sexual assaulted and such, would hold and serious psychological and physical and economic harm. i know one was coming from work and the others had not had an opportunity to work which you deprived them of that. not just wages. but you stopped the ability to socialize and it comes under the psychological harm. your conduct is more serious with the age. jocelyn is a young child and she grew up in a household where doors were looked and windows were covered up and chains and people were not allowed to come over and visit.
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i believe inspector moore from drc would agree that conditions in your house would not be tolerated in an ohio prison. (inaudible) >> okay. (inaudible) >> also the age of the victims is important here. they were young women, teenagers, and they could not have imagined that an adult would trick them and imprison them and enslave them and abuse them. you took advantage of the naivety and the fact that they were certain individuals that could not fathom this type of behavior. the relationship issue is important here.
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your daughter, you exposed a young child to unbelievable conditions. it was not harmony and a happy household. i don't think anybody else in america would agree with you. and many krieps were committed in the vicinity of your young daughter. the women were raped and deprived of food and living in difficult physical conditions. in the case that your conduct was less serious, you indicated that you were a victim of sexual abuse. that is possible. i do know that those who are sexually abused that there is a tendency of some to act out and abuse others. but there are many and i suspect more who move on from that and live a healthy life that they are not abusing others.
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you indicate that you have a mental illness, i am aware that you appear here, you always answered the questions and understood what is going on. you just made a calculated in this incident to do wrong to me you exhibit anti- social disorder and i don't have the credentials of those who spoke here today. but you have extreme na rciowa sism. and indicated that you are more likely to reoffend. if there were no convictions, you said that your wife would irritate you and she wouldn't stop talking and then you would respond. my understanding that she
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suffered a broken nose and had broken teeth and she was abused but never followed through with a conviction. that is unfortunate. we talk about all family members who are victims of abuse whether they are a man, woman or child or young adult, no one is allowed to have violence exhibited upon them in their home or school. i wish that she had prosecuted the first time. i know she has past. victims need to stand up for themselves so the abuse stops and so that those abusers when possibly receive possible treatment and redirection. that's what the court is for. you had resources available to you in the rape crisis center to help anyone with a sexual abuse.
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you could have contacted them. your home is near recovery resources and metro, and if you want to be rated for psychiatric issues. there was a lot of options. but one option that should never be available is kidnapping and sexual assault and torteur them. that's not ever going to be an accepted rem doe. and indicators that you are less likely to reoffend in the general sense. you did work, you had a much different view of your job than indicated according to the metro pollittan school district. your performance was not always acceptable. you left the child in the box and go shopping.
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you end up eventually ending up leaving that job. right? >> (inaudible) you were disciplined for it and ultimately your work as a school bus driver ended? >> yes. (inaudible) >> all right. we'll keep it in mind the principles of the sentencing and that turns rehabilitation and restitution and i am not certain it will be possible in any
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event. but there's certainly need here for deterrence. on behalf of the state and with respect to your two counts of aggregated murder. count one, and (inaudible) thank you. >> you have no objection of the application of the offense. based on the state with count two, in far as merging it in count one. you will only be sentenced on count one, for aggravated
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murder. (inaudible) >> no. you pled guilty to it. >> i know. (inaudible) there is no evidence. (inaudible) putting them extreme psychological and that's what i pled guilty to. (inaudible) >> you talk with your attorneyed when you pled guilty to count one. >> i never pled guilty not once to murder. >> so on count one charges of aggravated murder, the court is
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imposing a sentence of lifetime incarceration without the possibility of parole. for the charge of rape and violation 29.7 with predator assault in the first degree. mandatory term of incarceration of not less than ten years and a maximum of lifetime incarceration that is on counts 340, fro, 47, 49, pop, 53, 55, 57, 59, 61, 63, 65, 67, 69, 71, 73, 75, sfen, 79, 81, 83, 85,
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87, 89, 91, 93, 95, 97, 293. 300. 347 through 360 inclusive on each and every one. counts 410 to 428 inclusive that sentence falls on each and every count. counts 468 to 487 inclusive on each and every count. counts 518- 574 inclusive on each count. 675- 671 inclusive. 824 and 880 inclusive on each and every count. with the second charge of rape section 290782 with sexually
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violent predator. follow negligent first te agree committed after september 30th, 2011, the court imposes a sentence of ten years of incarceration on each count 575 to 594 and inclusive on each and every count. 732 to 743 inclusive from each and every count. 881 to 892, inclusive on each and every count. with respect to the charge of rape in violation of code 29.07.082. felony in first-degree prior to september 30th. 2011. the court imposes 10 years incarceration with respect to counts 11, 14, 18, 20, 23, 25,
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28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 101. 108. 110. 112, 116, 118. 122. 124. 126. 130. 134, 136. 138. 140. 142. 144. 146. 148. 150. 152. 154. 156. 158. 160. 162, 164. 168. 170. 172. 174. 176. 178. 180. 182. 184. 186. 188. 190. 192. 194. 136. 200. 204, 206. 208. 210. 212.
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216. 218. 222, 226. 230. 232, 235, 237. 239. 241, 243. 245. 250. 255, 257. 259. 261. 263. 265. 268. 271. 274. 277. 280. two kwaechlt 286. 288. 291. 213- 23. 325- 346 inclusive on each and every count. count 400 to 409 inclusive in over count. 458- 4387 enclusive on etch and every count.
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-- the court imposes a sentence for kidnapping andvilles 29.05 fell no for first-degree december 25th, 2006, to 2013. court imposes two years. counts of kidnapping in violation of 29.05.83 and sexual motivation. fell fell in the first dree committed prior to december 30th, 2011. court imposes step years of incarcation on counsels 7, 8, 9, 10. 99, 100. 104. 107. 302 and 308 and 312. kidnapping in violation of the
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code 29.85. the sexual motivation and predator subjuication for felony in the first-degree, the court imposes a mandatory term of incarceration to ten years to maximum of lifetime incarceration on each of the counts that follow count 44, 45, 46, 286. 297. 298. 320. 321. and 322. on the charges in the kidnapping and violation of code 29.05 with sexual motivation ju jectication committed in the first-degree prior to 2011.
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ten years incarceration. that was on each count. specifically count 19, 24, 29, 31, 33, and 35, and 13. and 109. and 113, 115, 117. 123, 125. 127. 129. and 131. and 135. and 137. 141. 143. 145. 147. 151. 153. and 155. and 157. 159. and 161. and 163. 165. 167. 171. 173. 175. 179. and 181. 183. 187 and 195. and 197. and 199.
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201. 203. 205. 209. two len. 217. and 221. and 223. and 277. and 229. 231. 236. 238. 240. 242. 244. 246. 248. 250. 252. 254. and 256. and 260. and 262 and 264. and 287. and 292. and 384 and inclusive on each and every count. 429 and 438 and inclusive on each and every count. and counts 488- 497 inclusive on each and every count. the charge of kidnapping in violation of section 2905.0184.
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and sexual motivation and violent predator, and first-degree committed proir to september 30th two len. and the court imposed a mandatory minimum incarceration and maximum of lifetime imprisonment on each of the following counts. counts 4, 41, and po, and 54, and 56, and 58. and 60. and 62, 64. and 66. 68. 70. 72, sfo 74, 76, 78. 80, 82, 84,counts 385- 399 inclusive on eacher every count. 389 and 407. and 498 and 518 on each count. 598 and 6283 inclusive on each
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count. 7744 and 802 on each count. 893- 951 inclusive on each and every count. and again, that was a mandatory minimum term to a maximum of lifetime in prison. for expecting in the section 29.05 and sexual mot vase and predator subjuication and felony in the first-degree after september 30th, 2011, the court imposes a mandatory minimum for ten years to lifetime on each. following count. count 86, 88, 92, 94, 96, 98, counts 6- 54.
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676. inclusive on each and every count. to counts for fellinous assault in section 2903. felony in the second-degree following counts eight years incarceration on each count. count 674. and 823 and 972. count of fellous assault. with a pregnant victim subjuication. count six. the court imposes a sentence of mandatory term of imprisonment to eight years to lifetime in prison in this particular count.
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the charge of felonous assault and felony of second-degree, the counts twa 234 and 304, each of those count the court is imposing eight years incarceration. counts involving close sexual imposition in violation of 29.07 felony of the fourth degree, court imposes 18 months incarceration for the following counts 17, 105. 306. and 310 and 311. count 974, count in violation of code 29.192 to a. endangering children in the first-degree. court imposes six month in the county jail. that will be concurrent with the time at lci.
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on other counts for endangering children in violation of code 29.2 to a fell no in the third-degree. counts 975 and- 976. incarceration for 36 months and counts 977, following the 50 degree. the court is imposing 12 months incarceration. i will be shortly talking about my findings with respect to consective sentences. from the beginning, i would like to make clear for any counts not specifically mentioned and the time of those counts will be
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served concurrently with the other accounts and i find that the predator imposed on the counts i discussed at length, if they are not mandatory time with the maximum for the worst form of offense, mr. castro does not have a prior criminal conviction, the breadth and the scope of the these crimes and the merciless manner in which they are inflicted requires a maximum sentence on each of those counts to be imposed. mr. castro, your uncle is julio and his wife norma. they have been in this court before and they are very wonderful people and have a great reputation in the community and operated a neighborhood store. they were victims of the crime.
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perpetrator of the crime had an excuse also and blamed drug addiction and such. but to the victims, excuses don't take away the harm that is involved. >> i understand. >> page 16 paragraph 29 of the plea agreement and recommended sentence, the parties agree that life without parole was agreed to by the defendant, and to me the sentence of never released from incarceration for the period of his natural life for
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and reason. that is the affect of the plea to count one which as we heard here and discussed a little bit on friday. the party each gave up something in order to reach that agreement and the court will be enforcing and accepting the recommendation of the parties as far as the count one. the murder charge which would be life without parole. without any release. with respect to the other part of the recommendation that the defendant agreed to ten years to life sentences with the minimum of ten years to maximum of lifetime for other counts, the court is saying that this decision and revised code 29.14 and also aware of the black bird decision and followed that with
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the path. in imposing consective sentences in ohio, the court is aware that there is a preference for minimum sentence and concurrent sentencing but that can be overturned, but the court feels that there are circumstances that make a crime so heinnous and so significant that its affect on the community and victims and that such punishment is needed, that the court can go beyond that preference and impose maximum. and here we are dealing with the issue of affected sentences and our court of appeals that the court must make separate findings and that is our practice anyway. i have to determine whether a consecutive sentence is
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necessary to protect the public or punish the defender or they mornot disporportionate to the seriousness of the defendant's. and the court must make a finding and one i am focusing on b at least two of the multiple offenses were committed with one course of conduct and the harm done so committed. and so great or unusual that no single prison term for the fencence committed and any courses of conduct adequately reflect the seriousness of the offender's conduct. so with respect to the plea agreement and the party recommended to the court that there be consecutive sentences imposed with certain counts of the indictment, based upon the
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information presented here as well as the sheer number of the offenses, and incident where the victims were initially through subterfuge imprisonned but the subsequent kidnapping of taken to the garage for a period of time because you had company or allowed out and only for a brief moment and taken from one room to the base sxment brutalized. other than just the normal conduct that the court of appeals in the state of ohio said to have a allied offense and they were dealt with in the plea agreement and taken out of this consideration and the state dismissed those charges and there is not an issue of those offenses, but in this incidence,
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the court finds that the many, many incidents of rape and gsi and all of the kidnapping and assault and ag- murder, make it necessary for the consecutive sentence to be impossessed here to protect the public for future crimes and to punish you. i feel based upon our information that you provided to the court as well as the information from others, you feel that you are a victim and you may have been in the past childhood. i don't know. but for the time, you have not been a victim, you are a victimizer and the three young women should never had had anyone trick them into captivity
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for an hour or a moment. they should have been free to live their lives and everybody else to enjoy all of the wonderful things to offer. they shouldn't have been looked in a house, headlocked in and deplorable conditions shouldn't have happen okay. you should receive punishment for harming them in that way. the court finds consecutive sentences are not disporportionate to the seriousness of your conduct and the dangerous that you posed to the public. you didn't just do this once. you did this to three young women and in varying times you took advantage of one or others, all in horrific conditions.
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and in inhumane ways. and as you are here and you say that you really couldn't help this, that is what you are saying to the court, the lack of insight so manies to me that you still pose a great danger to the community if you receive any other consecutive sentence. and you are too dangerous in our community. in your mind you are a victim again as opposed to those who suffered victimization. with respect to three d, the court finds at least two of the multiple offenses was committed in part of one course of conduct. you went out and hunted for one woman and you had not made a plan and formulated, but if you abducted miss knight, that
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was not your initial intention, fine. but given that circumstance, you did go on and hunted two others and you didn't release miss knight. i don't know you had any plan or any end game. but you committed all of this as part of one or more courses of conduct. three women, used subterfuge to get them in your house and did not dismiss them and you furtherly sexually abused them. the court finds that the harm caused by the restraints and gsi's and the rapes and the felonous assault was so great and unusual and it falls in both categories, the pain that they
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suffered particularly on the side was unbelievable. and similarly to the information and suffered and was similar to what was visited upon your ex- wife in which she was struck. completely negative nusual that sentence, that you took three young women out of the significant relationship that they had in their family and communities and times of their lives and you made them slaves and you treated them as if they were not people and if they were just sex objects. we have a lot of cases coming before the court about human trafficking. this is really in the way it was conducted no different. and people use that. and the court finds part of the
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courses of conduct, it would adequately reflects unless the separate sentence. so that being said, in addition to serving a life without parole, for count one, the court is propose sentences of minimum ten years to lifetime for counts 44, 45, 46, 296, 297, and 298. 320. 321, 322, 4, 43, 48. 5052, 54, 56, 58. 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78.
10:39 am
80, 82, 84, 86, 88, 90, 92, 94, 96, 98, 300. 385 and 86, 87, 88, 90, knob, 92, 33, 94, 95. 47, 51, 53, 55, 59. 61, 63, and then, consecutive terms of ten years for all of the aforementioned counts for each counts 11, 14, 18, 23, 25, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38. 101, 108. 110, 112. 116.
10:40 am
118. 19, 24, 31. 33, 35. 39, 109. and 111, and 117, and 119. and 251. and 314 and 317. those counts they just mentioned will be served consecutively with count one. we have aggre gate incarceration to be served to 1,000 years to life. you understand that mr. castro? >> yes, i do. (inaudible) >> so, the court has reviewed and accepted the plea agreement and recommended sentence.
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i don't see any other further purpose in going beyond a thousand years. a person can only die in prison once and certainly you will receive a sentence that is commensurate with the harm you have done and one that accomplished the principles and purposes for here in ohio. there will be an order of forfetture of firearms and the homes and 2207 avenue. and all of those items will be forfetitted. and the court is imposing a fine of 100,000 and you have property separate and apart from the
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house. for count 1, 3, 7, and 8 and 9 according to the maximum fine on those counts which total together 100,000. and you will have to pay the court cost here. actions and misguided as they may be. receive credit for time served for 87 days. in this matter for the felony in the first-degree that i mentioned all of the rape charges and all of the kidnapping charges that i have outlined for you and that you have consented to by virtue of a plea agreement. five years and adult parole board would super vise you without any release from prison. and go back to prison for the
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additional time and one- half-time that the court has just imposed; is that clear? . and now for the felonous assault charges, felony in the second-degree. felonies of the second-degree or offenses in the third-degree. whether it is serious physical harm three years mandatory post control again if it would happen that you would be released the adult parole board would be required to supervise you three years and mandatory on those charges if you violate their rules, they could send you back to prison for additional time. is that clear? and also that would apply to the
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two counts in the endangering of children. for the count for possessing of criminal tools, you will be subject to three years discretionary control. if they supervise you on that count it is three years if they chose to do so, they can impose a sentence up to one- half of the original time. and if they didn't supervise you and report to the state, is that clear. and there is serving time on fourth degree felony that carries a mandatory five year period of control as i described to you for the kidnapping and rape charges. dow understand those? mr. castro, your plea, i have to
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advise you of eventualities, that are not seen but the law requires it. any information, i don't have before me. >> we request contact of all victims. >> haven't gotten there. that's next. >> you have talked to the company privately talk to your victims of crime? you will. >> yes. mr. castro, you are to have no contact to victims. no letters or phone calls and don't have others contact them. they have requested after this proceeding to go back to the lives they formerly enjoyed. not anonymous, but just people who had vast connections in the
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community and they want to reintegrate and renew those and expand them. they would like the privacy from you and not permitted to conduct them. you understand that requirement. >> does that mean my daughter? >> yes, she is a victim. she is subjected to three counts of endangerment of a child. >> i understand. (inaudible) >> well, in any other instances they can file and would take place in a different court. it does not involve this court. i impose a no contact order. you should not try to contact them from the institution. okay.
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right now, mr. castro you are afforded under law a extraordinary number of rights and they are guaranteed to all in the courtroom, and would be part of the strength of our system no matter what has occurred. i understand that under criminal 32, you have a right to appeal. if you are unable to pay the costs of appeal you can appeal without payment and unable to obtain counsel for the appeal, counsel will be appointed and the documents will be provided without cost and you have time to notice of an appeal in
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a timely notice in your behalf. do you understand that? anything on behalf of the state? >> only that we withdraw our could to the (inaudible) >> the contact issue -- respiratory okay. i understand. that. (inaudible) >> thank you. yes. thank you, your honor. (inaudible) >> those are family photoalbums and motorcycles. (inaudible) >> all right. you will review that and if you have no objection. the court will enter. that anything else?
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>> mr. castro, sir, there is no place in the city or in this country indeed in this world for those who enslave others and those who sexual assault others and bruttialize others. for more than ten years you subjected them to harsh and violent conduct and felt you were dominated them. you did not take away their dignity. although they suffered terribly. they did not give up hope. they have persevered and in fact they prevailed. it is remarkable women who again have their freedom which is the most precious aspect of being in america. mr. castro, you forfeted that right. you will be confined for the remainder of your days, you are here by remanded for transport
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to the institution. for miss knight and miss berry and your young daughter. we celebrate your futures and your friends firmly believed you were alive. on behalf of the judges and the staff of this court, we wish each of you success and a sense of peace. we're adjourned. thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. a sentence of life without parole for ariel castro in an unbelievable display of resilience and hope in this face of evil, as we heard directly from one of the three women held captive for a decade by a sick and twisted man.
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welcome to american live. i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. ariel castro learning his fate, pleading guilty to kidnapping three cleveland women and holding them hostage for years. and castro gave a bizarre and rambling statement claiming he's not a monster. the women were just 16, 14 and 20 when they vanished. earlier we heard from amanda berry's sister who begged people to respect her privacy so she can be the one to explain to her young daughter exactly who her father is and heard from de jesus' cousin who faced castro and said in spanish, may good to have mercy on your soul. finally, we heard from michelle knight, the first woman he kidnapped. his crimes ripped her away from her own young child. she vowed her long nightmare would not ruin her. >> ariel castro, i remember all the times that you came home talking about what everybody
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else did wrong and act like you weren't doing the same thing. you said, at least i didn't kill any. you took 11 years of my life away. and i have got it back. i spent 11 years in hell. now, your hell is just beginning. i will overcome all this that happened. but you will stay in hell for eternity. from this moment on, i will not let you define me or affect who i am. you will live -- i will live on, you will die a little everyday, as you think about the 11 years and atrocities you committed on us. what does god think of you hypocritically going to church every sunday, coming home to
10:53 am
torture us. it would be so much easier. you don't deserve that. you deserve life in prison. i can forgive you but i'll never forget. with the guidance of god, i will prevail and help others that suffered at the hands of others. writing this statement gave me the strength to be a stronger woman. and know that there's good, there's more good than evil. i know that there is a lot of people going through hard times but we need to reach out a hand and hold them. let them know that they're being heard. after 11 years, i am finally being heard and it's liberating. thank you all. i love you, god bless you.
10:54 am
>> you can only imagine the courage it took to do that. let's talk about it with a criminal defense attorney, former prosecutor and remembbec criminal trial attorney as well. we've been sitting here watching. we used the words bizarre, the only word i can think of to describe castro defending himself. what kind of courage do you think it took for her? >> my gosh, when she said, from this moment on, you will not define me, i got goosebumps. she spoke to him and about him with a senses of humanity and forgiveness i'm sorry, ladies, i would not have been able to have. that's amazing for her and sp k speaks volumes about her and i feel encouraged she will have as normal a life going forward thank god anybody in that position could ever hope for. >> there was already a basic plea agreement in place. today, the judge did hear from her and family members and other
10:55 am
victims and he did talk to castro about how he impacted their life and went through those aggravating factors and talked to him about what he had done. >> i thought that was really really fabulous for the victims to get their day in court without having to testify. what happened was a plea agreement remained in place after the agreement was done privately. we heard today a public sentencing, a public justice for these three women who had been just exposed to atrocious crimes. and the judge went through every single count and gave his justification for plea to support what the prosecution had hoped for, the defense agreed to, but the judge enforced. you can have an agreement but the judge needs to enforce it and this man will ever see the light of day. >> that's the deal. he's in prison for life with no chance of parole. multiple years on top of that.
10:56 am
we haven't heard a lot from castro through this process because there wasn't the forum for it. today, i don't know what any of us expected, knowing he worked out this plea deal, would he say i did a horrible thing. i was stunned. my blood pressure is coming down a little bit now. the fact he talked about these acts with these women being consensual, the fact there was harmony in their house and the fact he wanted people to know he's not a monster. >> yeah. that made every woman's blood boil across the nation. this man -- man, no, this monster had an opportunity to help his victims by simply getting up there and apologizing for doing what he did. instead, he took an opportunity to grandstand and to make ex kusz. excuses and he was abused when he was a child and there was harmony. chains to a wall was never consensual. i can't believe the attorneys
10:57 am
did not step on his foot or judge did not cut him off. for my money, that, to me, was a disservice to all three victims and the only part of this sentencing i didn't like to hear and still don't like to hear it. hopefully the three victims, one in the courtroom, will overcome that as well. >> what he did in talking about this, he denied a lot of things he agreed technically he was guilty of. >> this is what was so infuri e infuriating listening to this. you agreed to this. mr. castro, you pled guilty to violent sex crimes. you could say you weren't violent but you pled guilty to it. we don't really want to hear you. the judge allowed him his constitutional right to speak which would preserve in appeal any problems for this date, let him speak even though you don't want to hear it. he spoke his nonsense. the judge reiterated, but you agreed to this plea. in this plea, it was violent
10:58 am
kidnapping. he killed a child in utero. >> by his own plea agreement. >> this was aggravated homicide in ohio. whatever you want to say today, you agreed to the plea? yes, i did. let's go home and we're sending you to jill forevail forever. >> forever for his life. we will have a news conference in a few minutes and we'll go back to that and see what needs to be said. there was some discussions of potential appeal. we know he pled guilty to 937 counts. he's not ever getting out of jail if this plea agreement is the way we understand it. is it possible to agree to some type of plea deal on most of the counts but reserve some right to appeal on some issues? >> what the prosecutor didn't have him do is waive his right to appeal on all the issues. mark my words, shannon. some day this jerk is in prison
10:59 am
and file an appeal on prison issued toilet paper. this guy does not believe he did anything wrong, just going through this motion, 937 counts and he will file an appeal as sure as we're all sitting here. >> do you think he knows he did something wrong? >> i think he knows i did something wrong. i think it's all an act because if he claims i did something wrong, it's technically an insanity defense. he knew he did wrong. he knew very well every single day with the chains and abuse he did wrong. he is not a legally insane person, a psychopath and sociopath. let him appeal because i sincerely hope everyone just leaves him in prison. >> he can appeal all he wants. he has the constitutional right to do what he wants, based on whatever and he agreed to in the plea agreement it doesn't matter. he will never set foot on free
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soil again. >> thank you both for lending us your expertise. thank you. >> thank you. fox news alert, if you're just joining us, kidnapper, rapist and murderer, ariel castro sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, a brand new hour of megyn live, i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. castro stood in front of one of the women he raped and tortured for years in his cleveland home and he justified to demented horrors he subjected them to. >> when i got up that day, i did not think at all i would get up and try to find -- most of the sex that went on in that house, almost all of it was consensual. these allegations about being forceful on them, that is totally wrong. they're trying to say that i'm a
11:01 am
a -- [ inaudible ] -- violent person. i'm not a violent person. amanda, she got into my vehicle without even knowing what it was. i'm not blaming her but i'm saying i'm trying to make a point across, i am not a violent predator they're trying to make he look like a monster. i am not a monster. i am just sick. i have an addiction, just like an alcohol addiction. and i feel the fbi let these girls down. i am truly sorry for the family of michelle, amanda and gina, you guys know all the harmony that went on in that home. i ask god to forgive me but i do also want to let you know that
11:02 am
there was harmony in that home. there was harmony at home. [ inaudible ] i never had -- if you can find it in your heart to forgive me. a and -- people who have addiction -- so they can see how their addiction takes over their live lives. >> we're waiting for a news conference at the court any moment. in the meantime, we want to talk to dr. keith ab blow, a psychiatrist member of the fox news medical a team. this is really testing my professionalism and objectivity today because to hear him stand there and say what he said with one of the victims in the courtroom, is it an act? does he not think what he did was wrong or does he know? >> here's the thing. it doesn't test my professionalism because i know,
11:03 am
of course, evaluated murderers and rapists and kidnappers, that their ability at times to know right from wrong and empathize with victims, clearly to empathize is shattered. what you have there is what occurs when someone has lost the capacity to resonate with the feelings of others, lost in his own narcissim perhaps and has survived his own kind of childhood horror no doubt that shattered him. to try to evaluate him as you or i might evaluate somebody else, where there's a whole person there would be foolish. this is a guy who's quite clearly mentally ill. it was on display today. >> this is a guy who's pled guilty to 937 charges related to sexually assaulting these women, raping them, torturing them, beating them, restraining them, stuffing socks in their mouth when they would scream, dirty
11:04 am
socks. he said today most, if n not -- no, all the sex in that house was consensual. he said, we lived in a place of harmony. >> right. that's the what? that sounds like craziness. i'm always after the why. as hard as it is to be come bodes, i would have to sit with a guy like this castro and say, look, tell me not about this house but about your house. when your mom said there was harmony in your house growing up, is that accurate? i need to know much more about what you lived through. remember, all these brothers seem to be hobbled in one way psychologically. two still live at home with mom. if a man tells you harmony to me is stuffing dirty socks down a woman's mouth and i consider this to be romantic and a love affair, you know there's something not only wrong but to tensi tensionally delusional about him, he's giving you a clue to
11:05 am
the way he lived much earlier than he couldings aally think about and evaluate, his home of origin was no better, i predict, in certain ways that the house he created. >> i want to ask you about michelle knight. she stood there and bravely read her statement and kept it together. a lot of people would be afraid to show up in that same room with this guy. she says he's not going to take her life and she's moving forward while he will move backward. what did it take for her to go in that courtroom and stand just feet away today? >> i think it takes an extraordinary amount of courage. it takes knowing you're loved. it probably takes faith in god. all these things will stand her in good stead as she tries to ha he'll. as -- to heal, i caution her, it
11:06 am
would be foolish that you won't worry about nightmares and major depression will rear its ugly head, whether you yourself can think life is not worth living. so far so good incredible example of resiliency. i'm a realist, too. there long way i had for each of these women. >> we want to play a little bit more what he said and get your reaction. >> what i'm trying to get at, they're painting me as a monster. i'm not a monster. i'm sick. my sexual problems - problems -- [ inaudible ] -- like i said before, i am not a violent person. i know what i did was wrong but i am not a violent person -- i try to make my point across, i am not a violent predator
11:07 am
they're trying to make me look like a monster. i'm not a monster, i am just sick. i have an addiction, just like an alcoholic has an addiction. i couldn't show my addiction. >> we'll get to the addiction and the sickness issue because i know that's another discussion. first of all his claim he's not a violent person and not a monster, that goes against every prior testimony not only these women but his prior wife. is he breaking in reality in some way or expecting the court to believe he did not treat these women in a violent manner, not just these women, his previous wife. >> obviously, he's a violent person. the women who gave their victim impact statements would attest to that. is he a monster, that's the only
11:08 am
score ariel castro is correct, no, he's not a monster, not born of the devil. he is a guy that was beaten, humiliated and otherwise turned into the unsympathetic horrific violent person he has become. i will say this, his rantings are so off as to not being violent if there were harmony in the house, if i were the judge, i would sit back and say i'm not sure to take the plea. i don't know you're really competent to plead guilty to anything. maybe it should be a plea of not guilty by insanity. because this guy makes no sense at all and he obviously thinks this is a house of harmony and love. how does that equate to saying you knew exactly what you were doing, sir. >> he mentioned many times i have a problem, i have a sexual problem, i'm sick. i have an addiction. that sounds like specific
11:09 am
language where you're almost doing a self-diagnosis saying i'm not a monster, i'm not violent. yes, i'm sick and have an addiction. is it an excuse, way of rationalizing in his mind? >> i'm afraid addiction speak is a way of rationalizing and haven't been able to endure the sufferings to resist your impulses. these dark and horrific impulses of his, he's right, they feel very compelling. justice has to be done and people have to be asked to resist these impulses. it's true when he says i'm not a monster, i'm sick. >> yeah, you're sick. probably your brothers aren't entirely well either from what news reports have said. whether in prison or a locked psychiatric hospital restoring this person to anything like the capacity to understand the feelings of others and his own would take decades of an
11:10 am
incredibly skilled psychiatrist to have any hope that could happen. not because he was the bad seed born evil, because something happened in his formative years that created the person you heard from today. >> the judge did note when he was talking about sentencing him and talking to him he knew he had different avenues, if he knew he was victimized and sick, other places he coiled have found help, the judge said you made the decision not to and turned from victim to victim and not yourself. >> there are lives that tend unvoidbly toward darkness. i've met these people and it seems they felt they could have never availed themselves of any help at all. i understand what the judge said, too, shannon. >> thanks for your time. >> be well, my friend. >> you, too. a man at the white house as the man who spilled some of our most critical secrets finds a new home in russia. the bomb scandal as we learn
11:11 am
the woman who pled the fifth may have been illegally working with another agency to target the president's political enemies. and new questions over president obama's pledge to use his executive power to quote do what congress would not. is the imperial presidency getting to a point it's threatening our democracy? we'll debate it. >> where i can't act on my own and congress isn't cooperating, i'll pick up the phone, call ceo r ceos, philanthropists, labor leaders and call anybody who can help and enlist them in our efforts. the postal service is critical to our economy.
11:12 am
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11:15 am
election commission. if true, it may show coordination between agencies to target conservative groups. now, congress is demanding all the e-mails exchanged between the irs and the sec. at the center of these new questions, lois lerner, you remember her, the director of the irs division at the heart of this scandal back in may, she was called to congress and invoked her fifth ameasurement right not to testify. >> while i would very much like to answer the committee's questions today, i've been advised by my counsel to assert my constitutional right not to testify or answer questions related to the subject matter of this hearing. >> with me now, fox news digital politics editor and host of power play on, chris, welcome. good to see you. >> good to see you. it's easener neasier to know w this before this stuff. >> lois lerner has a bit of
11:16 am
history before this? >> what the fec is supposed to do, act like a grand jury. people bring a complaint. in this case, democrats in minnesota brought a case against a conservative group they said were violating election laws. what's supposed to happen is the sides present their case, you did, no, we didn't, and then the commission decides whether or not to proceed, basically to let loose the hound and have the investigators turn loose and go after these people, because otherwise, actually, they can be causing cost, delay in timely election process. in this case what happened was in advance of that finding, this lawyer, we don't know the name because it was redacted when the irs released the documents, but this lawyer was dealing with lois learner at the irs to get information about this conservative group in minnesota ahead of this election, ahead of the hearing. that raises concerns for republican republicans in congress, as they
11:17 am
wonder what information was exchanged? because when you read the e-mail exchange, it's clear they've had some discussion, thank you for sharing basically. what all was shared when? since lois lerner won't talk, the only recourse that the congressional investigators have is to say, give us everything dump it all that you've got. >> she said she would very much like to answer the committee's questions. any chance they give her another shot at doing that? >> i'm sure they would welcome her to come and share whatever she wanted. we have to remember the consequence, the significance here. if this is what the irs has said and what the president has said and what his administration has said, this was an error in judgment, yes, an error in procedure and protocol that took place and was limited to the irs. but we've heard from kevin brady, the republican from texas, horror stories he says, where his constituents were subjected to that after they
11:18 am
filed with the irs they started getting called and visited by all these other agencies. they started what they said was harassment. this raises the question. was there -- was information shared from within the irs to other agencies that broadened out the targeting? this is the first evidence that we have that that really might be there. >> and it raises a lot of questions about during the period of 2010 mid-term elections going into a big huge re-election campaign for the president whether federal agencies were as critics and turned into political tools essentially to silence those who have differing opinions. >> since lerner worked at the elections commission before, that was where she first earned the ire of conservatives where she was essentially working in a prosecutorial fashion, you heard from lieutenant oliver north and others during lerner's reign at the irs that they were harassed
11:19 am
and asked about their prayers and things like that, she knows how the federal elections commission works and she would know how to provide what the irs has. the irs is supposed to be like a roach motel. information goes in but it doesn't come out. if it was coming out there was a much bigger problem than previously known. >> i'm guessing some other americans might like your roach mot motel. >> i didn't mean it that way. understand the acting commissioner of the irs and there may be news who has been nominated at the white house to stand at the top of the agency, right now the acting commissioner was on the hill this morning and understand took a lot of questions. maybe this wasn't going to be the topic but turned into the topic. >> a big part of it. the challenge for the administration, they've been trying to slow walk this stuff taking a go slow approach opposed to grabbing the agency by the neck but they're running out of time in go slow.
11:20 am
they're hoping they can wait out the news as they've tried to do on things like benghazi. the difference here is when you have so many americans distrustful of the towers begin with, number one -- of the irs number one and number two, the irs play as crucial role in the implementation of the president's 2010 health law there's too much on the line for them to get by with go slow and we'll have our blue ribbon panel report back you to in six more weeks. >> 11:30 eastern tomorrow on the intraweb, thank you. >> you bet. one of television's most famous faces turns head after becoming a new dad with his best friend's wife. coming up simon cowell and the mom to be and the action of hollywood and american and questions about how many hours a week we're really working and as a result how much we're actually getting done. put down the smartphone and listen up. plus, george zimmerman pulled over for speeding, all caught on camera. we'll tell you what he had with
11:21 am
him in the car and what happened when the officer recognized who was behind the wheel. >> you didn't see my name? >> huh? >> you didn't see my name? >> uh-huh. what a coincidence. [ male announcer ] you'll never see weekday lunch the same again!
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11:24 am
new dashcam video of george zimmerman being pulled over for speeding in texas. the recent acquitted former neighborhood watch volunteer may be one of the more recognizable people in the country now after his trial. you can hear zimmerman informing the officer he has a licensed weapon in the vehicle. moments later, the officer recognizes him. >> can i see your driver's
11:25 am
license and proof of insurance? >> i'll be honest with you. i believe i have a firearm in my glove compartment. >> okay. >> . >> sure go ahead. >> where were you headed this evening? >> nowhere in particular. >> nowhere in particular? why do you say that? >> the officer checked zimmerman's license, told him to slow down and let him go with a warning. now for a 41, bombshell, simon cowell, star of "american idol" and x factor, he's about to get his own dose of reality, he's expecting his first child with his friend's wife. >> the news he's going to be a daddy apparently came as a
11:26 am
surprise with simon cowell. there are mixed reports if he was blind-sided by the announcement regardless this situation is a bit sticky because the socialite lauren silverman is married to his friend, andrew silverman. the silvermans are in the midst of a nasty divorce and the affair between cowell and the beautiful brunette is certainly going to be adding fuel to the fire. friends say they were having a casual relationship and simon believed she was on birth control. one of her pals describe lauren as a gold digger. the silvermans have been living the good life in new york's upper eastside home worth $6 million. cowell who earns and estimated $95 million a year owns a 9500 square foot mansion in beverly hills worth $22 million. this will be the first child for the x factor judge and "american idol" creator. lauren is 2 1/2 months pregnant
11:27 am
we hear. the news comes after cowell split with his fiance said last year it was too late for him to have children. the "new york post" cites a 2009 interview where cowell was asked if he ever wants to have children and he answered, god no. in ail pril of this past year, the post quotes the 53-year-old music mogul saying he no longer ruled out children if he could be quote faithful and like to have a little girl. and simon will want to be a part of the baby's life but no concern about whether he will be a part of lauren's saying he's been blind-sided by the whole thing. they have regularly been seen on trips to st. bart's and this will require them to be seeing much much more about them. they are not commenting. >> i'm assuming people know how this happened, apparently. >> yes. do not have affairs with your friends' wives.
11:28 am
>> and daytime tv. we'll leave it there. raising questions how many hours a week we're really working and how much we're getting done? we're going to ask you to put down the smartphone and listen up. president obama pledging several times over the past weeks to use his executive power to quote do what congress would not. but is the expansion of the presidency getting to a point where it's threatening our democracy? >> will not allow gridlock or inaction or wilful indifference to get in our way. that means whatever executive authority i have to help the middle class, i'll use it. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me.
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this is a fox news alert. to the white house where the administration is expressing frustration over news nsa leaker edward snowden has been granted temporary asylum in russia. we got word the president's team is rethinking plans for the president to meet with russian president vladimir putin before next month's gathering in st. petersburg. wendell boler is live at the white house with more. hello. >> reporter: hello. the white house making clear there wouldn't be much for the president and putin to talk about at a one-on-one summit penciled in at an economic summit this year. the president will still attend the economic talks with leaders
11:33 am
of other nations but after that will just come home. >> i don't have a scheduling announcement for you today. obviously this is not a positive development and we have a wide range of interests with the russians and evaluating the utility of a summit. >> reporter: the president made clear releasing edward snowden would have a negative impact on u.s. russia relations but also suggesting he doesn't want to ove overreact. says punishing russia over snowden isn't worth russia's help on global issues pointing to a stark treaty and land to help us get equipment to troops in afghanistan and negotiations over iran's nuclear policy although officials concede russia could be a lot more helpful dealing with the syrian civil war. on capitol hill the reaction ranges from anger to frustration to quiet anger from members of congress who think snowden is a hero. lindsey graham blasted vladimir putin saying americans in
11:34 am
washington should consider this a game changer in our relationship with democrats. democrat steny hoyer said russia should be, could be, i hoped would be a much more positive partner but he added they haven't been very good at thank. some editorial writers are hearing a theme emerging in president obama's recent speeches, the president pledging to use his executive power to impose policy when he believes congress is not cooperating. here's the president in illinois just last week. >> some of these ideas i talked about before. some of the ideas i offer will be new. some will require congress. some i will pursue on my own. i will not allow gridlock or inaction or wilful indifference to get in our way.
11:35 am
whatever executive authority i have to help the middle class, i'll use it. where i can't act on my own and congress isn't cooperating i'll pick up the phone and call ceos and i'll call philanthropists and college presidents and labor leaders, i'll call anybody who can help and enlist them in our efforts. so, yeah, congress is tough right now but that's not going to stop me. we're going do everything we can wherever we can with or without congress to make things happen. >> the question now is the imperial presidency starting to threaten our democracy? trippi, as a former campaign manager for howard dean and fox contributor and former spee speechwriter for president bush and eddie for for the "wall street journal" and author of a column that has raised this very issue, welcome to you all. >> good to be with you, shannon. >> dan, i'll start with you. people should not be surprised and really complaining about
11:36 am
this. it's not like the president ever made it a secret this might be the way he wants to operate. >> we just heard him say it. the danger is not as much a threat to the democracy but the system of checks and balances the founding fathers set up when they established the country. if the founders wanted a parliamentary system where the government in power simply put its powers in place they would have created that system. instead they created one the executive implements laws passed by congress and the judiciary decides whether they're constitutional. i think the president running around the country and demeaning congress in this way is setting himself up to gain popular support, public will to issue a whole series of executive orders over the next three years to put in place laws that have not been legislated by congress. i think he'll probably use the environmental protection agency to do this, labor department, new consumer protection agency. it seems to me it very much
11:37 am
threatens and unbalancing of the system the founders set up, shannon. >> joe, what of that? everybody has their roles and responsibilities but also checks and balances. we have that very skillfully laid out by our founders, by our framers. the president simply wants to say, hey, if congress doesn't do what i want, will go around it. the truth is, it's an applause line for him. he's used it many times in the last few years and heard it in some clips. the people listening seem to like the idea he wants to do his own thing despite congress. >> shannon so it's been with every president since george washington. the opposition of the sitting president always declares him reaching for the imperial presidency trying to gain more power. i remember on the left 2003, 2004, i was one of the people, we referred to george bush as king george a lot of us. that's how we saw george bush and his administration. i really don't think there's much of a threat to the checks and balances.
11:38 am
it's no more a threat to our democracy than the senate or the senate rule and filibuster, t the -- one senator's ability to hold a nomination of the president up. the need to get 67 votes in the senate, to get anything done. all these things are the checks and balances and any president deserves -- needs -- he's the only one elected nationwide. no one else is, all the senators and members and districts are states. he's got to use that power to get what he wants done. then, yes, the other checks and balances and the courts can step in. i don't think there's anything -- this is not unusual. obama is not doing anything any other president, particularly george bush didn't do. >> mark, to joe's point there, the president has to use his power to get things done. lot of people say that involves building relationships on capitol hill persuading people with meetings and consensus.
11:39 am
the criticism there about president george w. bush, for decades people have been saying the president and the office is eroding the others to some extent and things are out of whack. >> this isn't about the system, it's obama. i was in office when joe said about president bush and senator barack obama said he wouldn't do it when he was in office. the irony is he's out there doing it much more broadly the very thing he accused george bush of doing. perfect example, aid to egypt. the law says very clearly if there's a coup you have to cut off aid. he's not doing it. his own law obamacare no provision that allows him to suspend the imf mplementation o the employer mandate, he's doing
11:40 am
it and recess appointments. i remember meetings in senior staff it was discussed even if congress was staying in session to prevent a recess appoint whether the president could do it anyway because they were technically not in recess and determined barack obama couldn't do it and he's doing it. he's doing all sorts of things president bush couldn't do when he was in office and running roughsh roughshod. >> and we have the issue of federal regulation, the epa came up, other organization. i'm looking here a government website, it has over the last 90 days x sixsi 6,471 proposed regulations. how does that correspond to if you can't get it done on capitol hill, have the federal agency do it for you. >> in his first term, the president tried to put a cap and
11:41 am
trade bill through congress but didn't make it through and didn't make it because many distribution senators from coal producing states would not support it. now his new epa administrator, mccarthy, has said in the last couple days the president told her to snap through and start issuing regulations he wanted to achieve the climate goals he wanted to do in his first term. she said, get over it. i'm going to do it. there's a perfect example of a president basically done with congress and the congressional system and has decided to use what authority and powers he has to put in place laws that will affect the entire country. my concern here, shannon is not merely with barack obama. this has always been a presidential temptation. if he's able to get away with it, i'm afraid successive presidents will and we will end up with a system very much different than we thought we created in 1789. >> that's something all americans should keep an eye on
11:42 am
regardless of the party of the president. thank you all. >> good to be with you. >> thank you. technology is so easy. makes it so easy to work outside the office whether you want to or not. a growing number of americans are putting in a lot more hours when they're supposed to be off the clock. a look at your 24/7 work habits. you know who you are.
11:43 am
11:44 am
11:45 am
♪ >> i love my '80s music. thanks to blackberries,
11:46 am
smartphones and remote logins, americans are staying plugged in at what's going on at the office even when they're allegedly off the clock. more than a third of employees put in 5 1/2 hours on their days off and now researchers are starting to look at the pluses and minuses. joining us is charles payne of the fox business network and the political editor of and stephanie rice, business blogger and mother of three. welcome to all of you. while i went into the intro, your phone went off. >> i knew it would happen. >> we all have our devices. we can't get rid of them. family, too, you have to stay in touch. >> absolutely. i have three kids. they call me. they need me. do they need me at that second? probably not but we need it just in case. >> we wonder how our parents survived and how you communicated and what happened in the car when you pressed the
11:47 am
clunky answering machine and pre-answer machine you didn't even have that. and you never feel like you're recharging or refreshing or renewing in any way. >> i take a different a.approach because the worst most stressful thing for me in a work week is waking up monday morning knowing i will get slammed and frantically playing catch-up. i would rather do hours sunday afternoon and evening and ease myself into it rather than being unplugged and totally unrealistic for those who work in politics and news. >> news doesn't stop. >> what do you think? >> my 16-year-old son never unplugs although he doesn't like news and politics. for me, i have admit i am a workaholic. i went a 10 year span for not taking a vacation. i may be the right or wrong person to be on this panel. i love it.
11:48 am
i would do it for a hobby. people say they feel sorry for me. i haven't looked at a clock in years. i'm not looking at a clock to get out of here. i'm excited about what i do. these researchers saying it's counter-productive. i'm not sure it's counter-productive. in this fast paced world we're living in you better be up on what's going on or someone else will be. >> i have a blackberry and i'm old school because i like to type. >> i was shamed into the iphone in which i cannot type but it corrects every word. >> this little red light starts blinking and you have no idea what that light means. >> is it a bad sign or lobster gram? >> or invite to "america live." >> that one you have to answer and know. >> it's so tempting. >> for those kids plugged into technology, too, do you feel like it impedes in any way your ability to communicate and bond as a family? >> you have to make time you at
11:49 am
least put it aside. you're out to dinner, put it aside. >> negotiate up front. a phone-free dinner. >> and we're our children's example. if i'm sitting and not paying attention to them and i'm on my -- and i can be guilty, for work, just texting or whatever it is, let me just do one more, then what are our kids doing? my kids, two out of three of them have phones. now, what you see with your parents, you're doing at home. that's the problem. >> i'm glad you said that. i deliberately don't get on it when i'm with my son. i try my best not to. >> he's on his. >> he's on his. he's grown up on it. these kids from day one -- it is a way of life. you can take anything away from this kid but not that. that's the only punishment that works. >> it is. it is definitely that works. there is no play dates. parents don't call for a play date anymore. the kids text each other.
11:50 am
if you don't answer your text, you go onto the next kid. kids develop a little bit of anxiety of where, i need to have my phone on me just in case someone -- it's really tough. >> with this grnd pretty connected. more stressful for you to go a more stressful for you to go a away. more stressful and. >> after the election i did a two-week trip overseas and left my black berry and computer at home. i checked in occasionally on my e-mail, maybe every other day. that was really liberating and maybe the best vacation ever, but as soon as possible i got back, and i was stateside -- i was slammed. it's a cost benefit. it's healthy to do eave so often but every weekend is absurd. >> vacation is a good place to start. even if you're taking a day trip, to put your phone away. >> we're going to leave it there. >> vacation and then --
11:51 am
>> new idea to come back, the exploding obesity epidemic. more about that coming up. [ female announcer ] nice 'n easy. in one step get expert highlights and lowlights. for color they may just think you were born with. [ rob ] i'm a lucky guy. [ female announcer ] with nice 'n easy, get the most natural shade of you.
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♪ >> a new plan by u.s. doctors has been dishing out doses of common sense in some states as they begin writing prescriptions to make sure their patients are eating fruits and veggies. >> obesity is tied too every major disease that obamacare is
11:55 am
struggling to cover. but prescription doctors give don't target obesity. a new program links nonprofit, government, and doctors, with low-income patients and may help cut down the need for healthcare in the first place. >> speed trishs work -- pediatricians giving prescriptions to be used to buy fresh produce. the health bucks are redeemable at farmers market. the program helps families make changes by increasing access and providing an incentive. >> for some families the reason for making a change they were limited by the access they have. so having the prescription in handallows them to make the change they want. >> but access isn't the only problem. overeating is often part of a culture. this doctor says patients may
11:56 am
have more success eating healthfully if urged by their doctors. >> physicians can make an impact on chronic problems. we have seen it with smoke changes. >> patients check into the hospital to have their prescriptions renewed and they're wait and body mass index evaluated. she has already lost weight since starting the program and sis getting the prescription from the doctor makes her take her family's health more seriously. statistics show more than a third of enrolled obese kids have lost significant weight and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables they east by more than 50%. >> the whole apple a day thing is legit. >> exactly. but all fruits and vegetables, but just shifting over to fruit and vegetables is the answer. >> sounds good. doctor, we'll take our medicine.
11:57 am
>> it's my prescription. >> all right. we'll be right back. [ man ] look how beautiful it is.
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go long. >> thanks for watching. "studio b" starts right now. >> i'm in for shep and this is "studio b." a judgment day for the convicted kidnapper who starved and beat his victims for ten agonizing years. but ariel castro telling the court he is not really a monster. his jaw-dropping statement in which he blamed his addiction, blamed the fbi, blamed just about everybody except himself. plus, the nsa leaker and fugitive ed snowden walking free in russia, after more than a month holds up in an airport there. now some u.s. lawmakeres are calling roche's move, quote, a slap in the face. >> we are awaiting a bombshell that could rock major league baseball. officials set to hand down punishment in the steroid scandal and it could be big trouble for a-rod, the highest

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